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Abundant Life, Abundant Suffering

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The Christian life abounds with suffering. That’s what we sign up for when commit ourselves to Jesus, because he has promised it. We should not be surprised when suffering comes because it is part of abundant life in Christ here on earth. The good news? Our suffering is nothing compared to what Jesus has suffered. 

What kind of life has Jesus promised his people? Abundant life. That’s his promise in John 10:10, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

With what does the abundant life abound?

The Scripture assures us that the Christian life abounds with joy, with love, with grace, with power, with peace, with pardon, with salvation, with wisdom, with knowledge, and even material blessings as the Lord pleases. Further, we enjoy the abundant mercy, steadfast love, righteousness, goodness, power, of the Author of Life himself. Indeed, the context of John 10 contrasts the life Jesus gives to the murder and destruction worked by the thief, Satan himself.

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