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Perkins: By Nature We Seek To Contribute To Our Salvation But The Gospel….

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By nature we desire to stand upright and righteous before God by some good thing in ourselves; as the rich man in the gospel, he demands of Christ, ‘What good thing shall I do to be saved?’ [Matthew 19:16]. Again, it is our nature to look to be saved by anything out of ourselves. If we have nothing else, our good meaning and good hope must save us.

But the gospel retrains us of these desires, and enjoins us to renounce ourselves in the matter of salvation, and all that is in us, and to depend upon a righteousness out of ourselves in the person of Christ, which is His obedience and suffering.”

William Perkins (1558–1602), The Works of William Perkins, 1.666–67 (HT: Inwoo Lee).