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The Intelligence Briefing | April 6, 2020 | S1E56

In today’s Intelligence Briefing, we hear of a new Christian hero in Baltimore MD, we hear how Planned Parenthood is competing with COVID-19 hospitals for care equipment, we learn that condom-factory workers are no considered “essential service workers,” and we lear that HE’S BACK! I called it a few weeks ago when he “retired” from Twitter, but Kyle J. Howard has returned to Twitter with his accusations of racism against – you guessed it – the Babylon Bee…

9 Police Officers shut down church service of 10 people

10-person Baptist Church again meets for services surrounded by 12 police officers

Planned Parenthood begs supporters for sanitizer and surgical hats: fights COVID hospitals for supplies

Condom factory workers deemed “Essential” to combat potential rise in pregnancies

Unsurprisingly, Kyle J. Howard believes the Babylon Bee is racist

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