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The world’s smallest violin

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I am so angered by Trump supporters who simply cannot be bothered to look at the credible accounts of his 25 accusers. Do they have any clue about the trauma of experiencing sexual assault or sexual harassment? @DrMichaelLBrown you cannot keep ignoring this.

There’s no doubt that Rauser has an anger-management problem. He’s like a pampered only-child who’s used to getting his way from doting parents. So it’s aggravating when he finds out that he has so little influence. He conducts ineffectual tirades against his favorite targets, but nothing changes. He’s not a player. It’s humiliating for someone that judgmental and egoistical to discover how impotent he is. The world doesn’t share his overweening sense of self-importance. He’s not the cosmic moral arbiter. 

Speaking for myself, one reason I haven’t investigated the allegations is that I’ve heard Trump admit, in a roundabout way, that he’s guilty of sexual harassment. But here’s the thing:

Even if ail the allegations are true, Trump isn’t dangerous to women in general. Basically, he’s boorish. 
Far and away the greatest danger to women is coming from secular progressives. That includes all the baby girls who die from abortion and after-birth abortion. Euthanizing elderly women. Hormone blockers and mutilation for adolescent girls who experience temporary gender dysphoria. “Trangender girls” decimating women’s sports. As well as a nihilistic worldview which fosters depression, substance  abuse, and suicide.  
It’s not Trump but the Democrat party, abetted by Silicon Valley, that poses the overwhelming threat to the life and well-being of women and girls. 
But because Rauser is a social and theological progressive, he doesn’t perceive a threat from the left. He’s largely on board with the social progressive agenda. So he suffers from a myopic outlook, as if the real threat is emanating from the Trump administration. That’s why he’s so blindly and fanatically one-sided. That’s why his indignation is so glaringly selective.