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Changing Laws does not Change Hearts

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“On the issue of social justice, it is important to remember that changing laws does not change hearts. Changing a law may get you compliance, but it will never get you repentance, which is–or should be–the goal (at least for those who profess to be followers of Christ). Unjust laws are the by-product of unjust hearts (Mk. 7:17-23). As Christians, we must not only desire that people *do* right, but that they *be* righteous (Rom. 12:2).” – Darrell Bernard Harrison

The new social justice movement has very little (if any) understanding of human nature and the degree of our corruption as human beings. If they had free reign to enact every law and educational reform they wanted, do they honestly think it would solve the worlds problems? It would not even scratch the surface. Our problem is much, much deeper than that. The problem with humanity is pre-political. It is a spiritual problem.

This inherent denial of total depravity in the movement reveals a complete lack of self-awareness. Jesus did not come to die for good people but for sinners. The kingdom of heaven is not for people who think they are righteous, but for those who know they are not. When you can only see other people’s sin and not your own, you do not even have a basic understanding of the gospel. Forgiveness towards others is not possible for people who think they need no forgiveness. And since the social justice movement will never solve all the world’s problems, they will always remain unforgiving and demand justice now. 

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