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God’s Excellent Greatness For You

When my kids visit my study as I’m hard at work, I grow impatient and frustrated. I will answer their questions when I’m done. How will my world keep spinning if I take a break? But God’s world spins, and it doesn’t come at our expense. He does not have to delay our interaction. He can do it all.


Imagine God in his royal study behind the desk that runs the cosmos. If he were like you and me, he would be intensely focused. He probably wouldn’t even notice us enter the room. From somewhere deep within, we muster up the courage to say something. Maybe we don’t even know what we’re saying, but we want his attention. So we stumble over our words. Eventually, something resembling a sentence comes out and he looks up. What now?

He’s a busy God. He has the universe to uphold, you know. But we’re not asking for much. Not really. I mean, we want a lot. We have requests. We want to see him. We want to be with him. But we understand. He’s so important, and we’re just us.

So we make our requests known quickly. We just spew it out. It doesn’t sound impressive because it’s not. And we don’t wait long enough to get an answer. We’re too scared, either afraid that it’ll be a no when we want a yes or afraid of his presence.

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