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Nathan P. Gilmour Interviews Vern Poythress

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Nathan P. Gilmour recently interviewed Vern Poythress at “Christian Humanist Profiles,” on the topic “Knowing and the Trinity.”

To claim that God created all things, seen and unseen, is as uncontroversial as the historical creeds–and as controversial. Such a claim leads readily to questions about the nature of those unseen things: what would it mean for Logic to stand relative to an absolute creator God? What of Time? Number? Knowledge? That last one, knowledge, is the matter of Dr. Vern Poythress’s recent book Knowing and the Trinity, and Christian Humanist Profiles is glad to welcome him on to talk about Trinity and epistemology.

Download audio here.

Posted with permission from The Christian Humanist; originally posted on Feb. 4, 2019.