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Weekend A La Carte (April 20)

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3 Suggestions for Dealing with Frustrating Cultural Differences

I find culture endlessly fascinating. “Maybe you are preparing for a short-term trip or long-term service to a place like where I serve. Or maybe you’re trying to get to know someone from the Middle East who now lives near you. Here are three suggestions I have for adjusting to their culture so you can thrive and represent Christ well.”

Are there two Popes of the Roman Catholic Church?

Leonardo De Chirico is the go-to guy for interpreting events within the Roman Catholic Church. “The tension between the ‘catholic’ and the ‘roman’ elements of the Roman Catholic Church is now embodied in the dialectic between the two Popes. Francis tends to the ‘catholic’ Pope in line with the elasticity of Vatican II whereas Benedict looks like more of the ‘roman’ Pope calling his Church to its doctrinal identity shaped around its sacramental system. Beyond the different opinions on the current crisis of the Roman Catholic Church, the legacy of Vatican II is also a disputed matter between the two Popes!”

How the Boeing 737 Max Disaster Looks to a Software Developer

This is a fascinating article that makes points that go beyond just the 737. “The 737 Max saga teaches us not only about the limits of technology and the risks of complexity, it teaches us about our real priorities. Today, safety doesn’t come first—money comes first, and safety’s only utility in that regard is in helping to keep the money coming. The problem is getting worse because our devices are increasingly dominated by something that’s all too easy to manipulate: software.”

Charles Darwin’s Grave Mistake

I thoroughly enjoyed this biographical sketch of Darwin from Reformed Perspective magazine. “‘If I could but die,’ he said repeatedly, intent on present escape and not focused on the fact that he would shortly face the Creator of his heart, the Judge of his soul. He vomited again and blood spewed out, spilling red onto his white and venerable looking beard. ‘Oh, God,’ he cried, and again, ‘Oh, Lord God.’ His pain appeared to be excruciating and lasted until he lost consciousness about a half-hour before he died. And Charles Darwin was no more on the earth he had with human textbook clarity consigned to evolutionary origins.”

20 Years of Preaching the Bible

Mitch Chase reflects on 20 years of preaching the Bible.


“A key feature of that dreadful day was mockery. Yes there was torture, betrayal and crucifixion. And they are terrible, terrible things. And in that context mockery may seem a minor thing. But not to the Gospel writer…”

Apple Owes Everyone an Apology

My keyboard is hanging in for now, but I am not holding out much hope. “I am stupid for buying another one of these computers, but only as stupid as any of us are for learning to love these dumb tech products on their merits, becoming beholden to the system, and then having a big commitment out of which to dig ourselves.” Personally, I use it because the writing apps are so much more developed than on PC!

Flashback: One Very Good Reason to Study Church History

You have become a citizen of something with a present and a future, but also a past. And your ability to glorify God in the present and future requires knowing that past.

A person deeply in love cannot keep his thoughts from the object he loves. The reason we think on God no more, is, because we love Him no more! —Thomas Watson