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Weekend A La Carte (June 22)

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Today’s Kindle deals include plenty of books and study Bibles.

Christian Audio is having their twice-yearly sale which means just about everything is marked down to $7.49. It’s a good time to stock up for those long summer drives.

(Yesterday on the blog: 8 New and Notable Books for June)

The Downfall of the Virtual Assistant

This article describes exactly why I so rarely use Siri, and especially for anything that is important or requires precision. “Call me crazy, but maybe — just maybe — there’s a connection between the limited way so many of us use these tools and the limited consistency with which they perform.” I’m more surprised when Siri gets something right than when she/it gets something wrong.

The Seafarer’s Prayer

Here’s a prayerful little poem you may enjoy.

A Method To Strengthen Your Prayer Life

Even if you can’t devote an hour to prayer each day, you’ll still benefit from applying a method like this one. Jesse Johnson says, “Today I want to share with you a simple way to deepen your prayer life. It requires discipline, time to pray (of course), and a desire to grow in godliness.”

The Value of a Single Soul

“One of the tragic consequences of this kind of mathematics is the disposability of the single soul. Twitter-storms and social media spats pay little mind to the collateral damage of individual Christians who watch in horror, or are tempted to walk away when confronted by uncaring words, inaccurate caricatures, and utter disregard for people as people who matter all by themselves. The increasing secular tribalism in politics feeds this further – people can be lampooned, epithets can be forged, aspersions can be cast, men and women can be ‘owned’, and ‘schooled’, and ‘destroyed’ and a watching world applauds.”

How Big Was Sunday’s Protest in Hong Kong?

The answer? Big. Really big. Here’s a clever way to show just how big.

No Desire To Read the Bible?

Do you find you’ve got no desire to read the Bible? John Piper has a word for you.

The FAQs: Supreme Court Issues Ruling in ‘Peace Cross’ Case

Joe Carter has one of his FAQs about the Supreme Court’s recent ruling. “The Supreme Court issued a ruling Thursday in American Legion v. American Humanist Association—also known as the Bladensburg Cross case. The Court ruled that the 40-foot-tall stone and concrete ‘Peace Cross’ memorial displayed on government-owned property in Bladensburg, Maryland, outside Washington, D.C., does not violate the Establishment Clause.”

Flashback: No Man More Pitiful

There’s no city more pitiful than a city without walls, and no man more pitiful than a man without self-control.

Suffering is not an embarrassment to the Christian faith. It is the thread with which Christ’s name is stitched into our lives. —Rebecca McLaughlin